About Us

Steeped in faith and inspired by joy, Soul Tea Company elevates your every day, tea-drinking experience with the truth, love and promises of God's Word.

Our faith-inspiring tea blends are prayer-fully chosen with you in mind - whether you sip alone in reflection, steep with friends and family, or slurp in fun and fellowship!

Browse our collections of faith-inspiring teas for any and every palate, season and celebration of life. From our Signature collection to our Bible-based blends, Soul Tea endeavours to encourage you to live faithfully, one sip at a time. 

At Soul Tea, we would like to be very clear. Our teas are not a substitute for faith, do not bring anyone closer to God or provide guidance along a spiritual journey. 

Our teas are merely meant to be enjoyed as you strengthen your faith, read the Word, reflect on the love of God in your life and live each day in His care. 

Sip Slowly. Steep Your Soul. Quench your thirst.

Welcome to Soul :)